La digital economy bill in UK va in terza lettura, per opposizione dei conservatori

Posted in Internet&Copyright, Politica&Società by yanfry on 8 aprile 2010

.. ma non sui punti riguardanti il tre botte e via.
avranno un’ora circa di tempo per emendarla ed approvarla.
tutti si lamentano di come e’ arrivata in parlamento una proposta del genere, a elezioni indette.
In italia la prima norma di filtraggio della rete e’ passata proprio in una situaizone simile, a camere sciolte.

Tories to veto key clauses in Digital Economy Bill – but not anti-piracy measures – 07/04/2010 – Computer Weekly.

MPs will have about one hour to amend the bill in committee before it is put to a vote on the third reading. The Digital Economy Bill is the government’s attempt to rebase the economy on “creative industries” such as music, film and broadcasting, which contribute some £50bn a year, about 6.5%, to GDP. However, measures to protect the intellectual property created by the sector against online piracy have proved controversial. “We wanted an iPod and we got an Amstrad,” Hunt said in reply to the government’s proposals. There appeared to be a cross-party consensus that the timing of the bill and its progress through parliament has been unfortunate. Several Labour MPs said the bill should have started in the Commons rather than the Lords, while others said the government was “discourteous” in denying them time to scrutinise the bill properly. “We cannot do our job – but this fight is not over yet,” said Labour’s John Grogan. Grogan added he could find no precedent since 1987 for the Commons to see such a controversial and sweeping law after a General Election had been called.

Fonte: http://blog.quintarelli.it/blog/2010/04/la…nservatori.html
Licenza CC: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.5/it/

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